The Grand South-East Asia Adventure - Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

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"I absolutely loved the trip. Cindy (tour guide) is great, confident, generous and energetic."
H. Wolf


"Excellent! We actually enjoyed it more than we expected before leaving home. Many thanks."
Peter Mercer


"Planning and organization were excellent. The range of activities was so varied that the trip was never dull."
Maureen Mercer


"We really enjoyed this trip...especially were happy that Roger was our tour leader. We were on his "Stans" trip in 2012. He is wonderful and made both trips very enjoyable. The 2 cooking classes and elephant rides were great! Also, really liked touring in Began, And boat trips were relaxing, including Halong Bay boat excursion.."
Dolores and Paul Holley


"Roger is amazingly organized & I was one of the two on the trip that was gluten free & as far as food for me, that was the best I have ever been presented with on an international trip. He had it ALL planned. Loved his choice of foods in each of the countries, made so free of tension on what to order. Very obvious that he has run this trip many times, everyone knew him in these 5 countries and this worked to our benefit. I would easily do another trip with him running it & would know it would be stress free & enjoyable in his capable hands."
Beverly Sherrer


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