Vietnam - The Changing Face of Southeast Asia

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"An excellent trip! We enjoyed the flexibility of the guides and the itinerary. We stopped serveral times when we passed something of interest such as a wedding and a school yard full of children. "
D. Webb


"Would recommend it to anyone!"
L. Orza


"This trip exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful trip. We felt we experienced Vietnam fully in the three weeks. We loved the small size of our group and the wonderful food throughout the trip. We saw amazing scenery and loved the boat trips, especially to Halong Bay, and the Vietnamese people. Our tour leaders had done their homework. The daily itineraries were well organized and planned and our restaurants were almost always excellent."
Ron and Mary Carver


"Great variety of experiences - scenery, people, history, cities and villages, walking, boating, caving, food,industry and agriculture, I think we had a well-planned exposure to Vietnam. Thuy went above and beyond expected, showing us not only what we expected, but a lot of personal interactions, hospitality in people's homes, extra stops, temple visits etc, and was flexible in response to our requests."
Elizabeth Hodby


"The two tour guides were outstanding in their commitment to us. Thuy shared her own experiences throughout the years making history real. The historical and educational part of the trip was stated realistically from the Vietnamese point of view, as it should be. The trip had a nice mixture of city and country. Just a little more time exploring the historical parts of the two major cities would have been nice. (guided tours)Roger bent over backwards to make things comfortable, fun and educational. He took an interest in each one of us and made us feel special.For example for Bill's 75th birthday he took me to the cake shop to choose a cake and then had one made for that eventing. He had a card signed by all and a gift chosen. His interest in food made this a gastronomical tour as well as an educational one. He is undoubtedly the best tour guide I have met."
Jean and Bill Fraser


"My wife Pearl and I were privileged to be guided on a recent Eldertreks trip by Mehdi. We found him exquisitely prepared with a binder full of articles and notes on the subject matter and areas in our tour. If there were some questions he could not answer, he made sure to get an authoritative answer. During our drives between sites, he spoke to us about education, social movements, religion, politics, history"
Susan Haubenstock


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