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"Janell was terrific; full of information, always cheerful and attentive to our needs. She went the extra mile. My hat is off to her! "
D. Barnes


"The food was delicious and varied and the picnic in the field at Ollaytaytambo we thoroughly enjoyed! "
P. & C. Whitfield


"We had lots of wonderful meals at a variety of restaurants. The wonderful itineraries, small group size and a mature, traveled group. We were always well taken care of with relaxed schedules and excellent drivers. It was a wonderful trip with an outstanding guide, Manuel. Great day trips, local guides, food, hotels and weather. "
G. Hill


"The food was exceptionally good by any standard throughout the trip. "
B. Kelly


"I absolutely loved the trip and will definitely do more of them. I rate everything tops, whether it was the day trips, organization, food or staff. The hiking was great as well. I had a super trip – thank you all!!! "
J. Isbruker


"Enjoyed the trip immensely. It was well planned, always well organized! Enjoyable hotels, good hikes, trips etc. "
M. Kersten


"The companies that you used in both Ecuador and Peru were excellent- each person that we came in contact with was genuinely nice and did all they could to provide the services that we needed. Everything ran smoothly and on time including all the flights. Not one hitch. And the best surprise of all was the Plueblo Hotel! Absolutely wonderful!"
M. Elkin


"Eldertreks had the most comprehensive itinerary for the area we were interested in. We were also drawn by the various physical activities. which sounded like more fun than just hopping on and off the bus. This was about our 26th overseas trip and, really, the best one ever."
Charles and Sharon


"I liked the small group size; good guides that get us there at non-busy times; knowledgeable guides; your trips make me feel I’ve won a small lottery!"
D. Rawlyk


"...the experiences you provided at Lake Titicaca and at Ica were truly new, exciting and added so much to better understanding of the Inca/Nazca/Paracus cultures. Another BIG thrill was meeting and spending time with Manuel’s (guide’s) family. In all our travels that was a rare treat not often made possible."
S. Risser


"Manuel is a terrific guide. Very kind, considerate and generous personality in addition to being an excellent guide. His extra effort to involve his family as they provided us with a typical Peruvian meal (including delicious seasoned and roasted guinea pig) was a highlight for all of us."
J. Erickson


"I loved every minute of this trip – one of the best I’ve been on."
Marnie Bracht


"We are back in the USA. Safe, sound and more knowledgeable about South America. With a few tolerable exceptions, we had a great time. Was a little disappointed though that we did not see a single Galapa ghost! [see my sense of humor has not changed] Cusco was completely enchanting. Saw the city, Inca ruins including Sacsayhuaman [K likes sexy woman], Sacred Valley [driver and guide for the two of us], and, of course, Machu Picchu completely blew us away. K bought lots of crafts. The Galapagos Islands were fantastic! Sea Lions, iguanas, penguins, crabs, boobies, frigates, fishes, tortoises, turtles, sharks, albatross, finches, lizards, ...etc. We did snorkling, climbing, dingying...etc. Everything very close up and personal. "
Jim Gysler


"This was my second trip with ElderTreks. As with the first one, I am completely satisfied, and I intend to continue travelling with ElderTreks. Everything from the small size of the group, to the large size of the food offerings, from the comprehensiveness of the itinerary itself, to the attention to every detail, this is a first-rate company at a reasonable Price. YES, my thoughts are all POSITIVE ones! Manuel is one of the best tour guides I have ever had, and I have traveled A LOT! He is even-tempered, steady, extremely knowledgeable, not only about the subject matter and his country, but also about different personalities, how to handle people, how to handle sudden situations that arise. In addition to his attention to detail, he is genuinely concerned that everyone have a good time, that everyone learn as much about his country as possible. It is clear that he is proud of his country, yet not arrogant. He is a gentle soul, charming, and a really sincere, genuine human being. Eldertreks would be well advised to use his services as much as possible. He is as best as it can possibly get!"
Susan Pauletti Nelson


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