Iceland - Fjords, Glaciers and Hot Springs

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"I think the group makes a trip. This was a great group of flexible people. "
P. Gardiner


"I must have been a Viking in a former life because I would return again! "


"We wanted to see the beauty of Iceland and learn about its geology, and we did! "
J. Dickson


"Your staff is exceptionally helpful, professional and friendly. "
J. Ewald


"Loved the country itself. Our guide was especially knowledgeable about geology and intelligent and informed about other areas."
A. Bunn


"We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Iceland -- the landscape, the geology, the history, the people, the food, and the customs, and we felt that our guide and driver were instrumental in making sure we got the most out of the 10 day trip."
Frank Simons


"Gugga was wonderful and did a fantastic job."
Jane Griess


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