Brazil - Rivers, Rainforests & Wildlife

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"Enjoyed the itinerary the best--good mix of sites-- appreciated travel from the jungles of Amazon on through to end on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro."
D. Weaver


"I enjoyed it very much. The program was so arranged as to give us a very through view of each of the regions we visited. I liked the hikes and the boat trips (in the small boats, particularly. Accommodations were more than adequate-much better than I expected for an adventure trip When I described the trip to friends who had recently been in Brazil with a different tour group they were impressed and envious-we saw much more than they did and had a much better experience."
L. Pedigo


"We thoughly enjoyed all aspects of every day!"
K. Snook


"One of the best trips I have ever taken. All the food was real Brazilian — not what they thought North Americans would want - great! Most people never think of going to Brazil, which is a pity. It is a wonderful country. I enjoyed every minute of the tour."
F. Chambers


"An excellent tour. Good variety and pacing, spectacular views."
Gordon Davis


"I would recommend this trip and your company anytime."
Ulrike Davis


"Great trip which was better than I expected. I will definitely travel with Eldertreks again."
Maureen Teixeira


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