Transylvania - Romania and Hungary

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"I enjoyed the trip very, very much. I was glad to have gone and would go again. "
Ruth Smith


"This was a perfect holiday. Super hikes-great food-accomodation was excellent. I enjoyed the fact that the hikes took us to many places that tourists don’t usually go - the organization was great. I felt that we were taken care of and there were no unexpected experiences. We were treated generously."
Mary Jean Odmark


"Enjoyed it all, especially the hikes, the culture and the food was great. The salt mine and the silver mine were special too, but as always, it is the small, unscheduled things that make is special. In this case, it was a lady in the Moc village who invited us in to see her home. "
Mary Ellen Stevens


"Superb value. Couldn’t have done it on my own."
Charlotte Rieger


"Guides are superb (ElderTreks has a genius for providing exceptional guides/leaders.) They are young, charming, they work very hard and they know a lot."
Judith Shupley


"Excellent tour guides, both planning and dealing with changes. I really liked the visits to Seklar and Saxon remote villages and the opportunity to see wildlife. "
P. Bookhout


"I am unable to single out one specific thing, since I basically enjoyed everything we saw and did on this trip. The painted monasteries we visited in Bucovina are certainly a highlight. Exploring Bucharest and Budapest was a memorable experience."
Kembell Huyke


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