Snow Leopards of India

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• Rare and unique opportunity to see the elusive snow leopards in their natural habitat
• Visit the Snow Leopard Conservancy
• Living with a Ladakhi family in the depths of winter
• Excellent trackers and spotters for superb high-altitude wildlife experience

Fact File

• 12 land days
• Starts and finishes in Delhi
• All meals included (starting on Day 2)
• 2 internal flights included
• Combines with Lions and Tigers tour
• Activity Level: 3


India - the land that evokes flights of imagination and curiosity, a canvas of spectacle and color ruled by a succession of native kingdoms, and often overrun and inhabited by invading armies of Central Asian origin, followed by the Mughals and finally the British. Transformation has been never ending and the results are deeply and visibly etched in today’s milieu.

As winter sets into the Trans-Himalayan region, we cast our sights on Ladakh in search of the elusive ghost of the Himalayas – Shaan in Ladakhi a.k.a. the snow leopard.

Like the tiger, it’s a territorial feline. Watching two snow leopards fighting ferociously with one another is a once-in-a-lifetime moment — a true collectible for a wildlife lover or photographer’s treasure trove. But regardless of whether you capture it with the naked eye or with your lens, this feline is captivating. As it raises its head to look at you, you’re transformed.

Ladakh, in the Indian Himalaya, is one of the best areas to see the elusive snow leopard and it is from here that we set out. It is not only about the snow leopards as there are a host of other animals and birds to see, apart from the scenery and getting to know more about the people that live here.

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Comfortable lodge with en-suite bathrooms in twin-bedded rooms. En-suite bathrooms have no running water due to constant freezing temperatures. Toilets are western style with ‘bucket flush’. Rooms have electric heaters and at night hot water bottles are used to warm up the beds.

Comfort notes

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Delhi
Day 2: Fly to Leh
Day 3: Leh
Day 4: Leh - Ulley
Days 5 - 9: Ulley
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10: Ulley - Leh
Day 11: Leh - Delhi
Day 12: Depart Delhi (or continue on to Lions and Tigers tour)
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