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• Visit Bukit Lawing Orangutan sanctuary
• Visit the Rhino Breeding Centre at Way Kambas
• See the mountains, jungle and volcanoes of Sumatra
• Hike through rural villages
• Learn about the tribal Batak of Lake Toba
• Explore Bukittinggi and learn about it's matrilineal society
• Journey to Krakatoa and climb 'Child of' Krakatoa
• Search for wildlife in Way Kambas

Fact File

• 20 land days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start in Medan and finish in Jakarta
• All meals included
• Includes 2 flights
• Activity Level: 3


The lush island of Sumatra, fifth largest in the world, is one of Indonesia's most important islands and perhaps its most beautiful. With its many tribes, cultures, wildlife reserves, jungles, rivers, spectacular waterfalls and crater lakes, the island is a joy for any traveller interested in natural beauty and diverse cultures. It is a truly extraordinary destination with its remarkable wealth of sights and sounds, all set within some of the most beautiful landscapes to be seen anywhere.

While in Sumatra, we travel south along the spine - the rugged Bukit Barisan mountain range, exploring a number of fantastic sights and cultures enroute. These include the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre ("Bukit Lawang") and the Elephants of Tangkaha, as well as spectacular Lake Toba and the Batak Highlands, where the proud Batak people migrated from the Himalayan foothills of upper Burma and Thailand over 1,500 years ago. We continue south crossing the equator while enjoying the dramatically terraced Minangkabau Highlands in West Sumatra, home to one of the few remaining matrilineal societies in the world and also known as the cultural heart of West Sumatra.

We fly south to Jakarta and cross the Sunda strait by speedboat to Krakatoa and Anak ("child of") Krakatoa. The famous 1883 massive eruption created a powerful tsunami and changed the earths climate for several years. Part of the steep rim of Krakatoa remains and in 1927 the volcanic island, known today as Anak Krakatoa, emerged out of the collapsed caldera. We land on Anak Krakatoa and climb to a spectacular viewpoint. We continue to Way Kambas National Park, which is home to Sumatran elephants, tigers and rhinos as well as a myriad of bird and other wildlife. We explore the park on foot, by jeep and by boat. We depart for Lampung for our last night in Sumatra before flying to Jakarta for our homeward flights or to join our Java, Bali & Komodo adventure.

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Comfortable, well-located accommodations with private bathrooms throughout. 5 nights with ceiling fans but no air conditioning in hot locations (Bukit Lawing and Way Kambas) and 3 night in Lake Toba which is typically cooler).

Comfort notes

Some rough roads and long drives.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Medan
Day 2: Drive to Bukit Lawang
Day 3: Orangutan Rehabilitation Reserve
Day 4: Jungle Hike, to Brastagi
Day 5: Lake Toba - Samosir Island
Day 6: Lake Toba Boat Excursion
Day 7: Lake Toba
Day 8: Minangkabau Highlands - Padang Sidenpuan
Day 9: Cross the Equator, to Bukittinggi
Day 10: Cultural West Sumatra and the Singgalang Walk
Day 11: Bukittinggi and the Minangkabau Culture
Day 12: Sianok Canyon, the Great Wall, Japanese Tunnels, to Padang
Day 13: Fly to Jakarta, drive to Anyer
Day 14: Speedboat to Krakatoa, hike to viewpoint, drive to Lampung
Day 15: To Way Kambas National Park, Night Walk
Day 16: Sumatran Rhinos Breeding Center
Day 17: Jungle Boat Journey, Village Visit and Cooking Class
Day 18: Lampung, Farewell Dinner
Day 19: To Jakarta
Day 20: Departure
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