Oman - The Great Arabian Experience

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• Explore the sites of Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Muscat
• Sail in the fjords of Musandam by dhow
• Enjoy a desert adventure - Bedouin tents, camels and dunes
• Hike in the Hajar Mountains
• Visit the Grand Canyon of Arabia
• Watch sea turtles laying eggs on the beach
• Walk inside of wadis (dry river beds)
• Explore the southern province of Salalah/Dhofar
• See famous frankincense trees
• Visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Fact File

• 20 land days
• Start in Dubai, U.A.E. and finish in Salalah, Oman
• All meals included
• Includes 2 internal flights
• Activity Level: 2/3


Oman - a stunning contrast of beaches, mountains and deserts, is one of the hidden treasures of the exotic Middle East. Add over a thousand ancient forts, castles and watchtowers, lively souqs, the Bedouin culture, and you have an unforgettable traditional Arabian experience. Mix in the extravagance and architecture of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you have a unique Arabian experience filled with surprise and contrast.

We begin our journey in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai. We explore the city's architectural marvels and also take in the sites of nearby Abu Dhabi, including the stunning Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Travel by traditional dhow in the stunning fjords of Musandam. Explore Oman's thriving capital of Muscat. Visit the Grand Mosque, the largest in Oman and its bustling Muttrah souq. We cross the "Grand Canyon of Arabia" and hike to the remote village of Wadi Nakhr in the Jebel Shams. Hike in the Jebel Akhdar - the "Green Mountains"- and visit a palm tree oasis and the town of Bahla, once known for its black magic and "jins", and now a pottery making center.

We travel into the Great Wahiba Sands, where the amber-hued dunes meet the Arabian Sea, and an overnight in a traditional Bedouin camp awaits us. Travel along the coast to Ras Al Jinz, where we have the unique opportunity to see the endangered green turtles coming ashore at night to nest.

Flying to Salalah, we explore the southernmost province of Oman, known for its frankincense, the tomb of the Prophet Job, the natural titanic blow holes at Mughsail, and traditional Omani mud houses. We explore the "Lost City of Ubar" spending a night in the dunes of the Empty Quarter, as described by adventurer Wilfred Thesiger, before ending our journey in Salalah, the "garden city" of the south.

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Comfortable hotels/lodges. 1 night in Bedouin tents with twin beds and private bathrooms; 1 night in simple tented camps in Empty Quarter with shared bathrooms.

Comfort notes

Travel is partially by microbus, 4 wheel drive landcruisers & traditional dhows. Roads can be rough and some off-roading may be required.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Dubai
Day 2: Abu Dhabi Sites
Day 3: Dubai Sites
Day 4: Dubai, to Khasab, Fortress
Day 5: Fjords of Musandam - Dhow Cruise
Day 6: Fly to Muscat, Muttrah Souq
Day 7: Muscat Sites
Day 8: House of Amouage, to Nizwa via Nakhal Fort and Stunning Wadi Bani Auf
Day 9: Nizwa Cattle Market, Jebel Shams
Day 10: Jebel Shams and the Grand Canyon of Arabia
Day 11: Al Hamra, Bahla Fort, Jabrin Castle
Day 12: Great Wahiba Sands & Bedouin Tents
Day 13: Desert Experience, Turtle Watching
Day 14: Sur, Dhow Building Yards, Wadi Tiwi
Day 15: Wadi Shab, Muscat By Night
Day 16: Fly to Salalah, Tomb of the Prophet Job, Mughsail & Frankincense
Day 17: Taqah Castle, Sumharam & Mirbat
Day 18: The Lost City of Ubar, Empty Quarter Camping
Day 19: Return to Salalah
Day 20: Depart Salalah
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