We know we offer incredible trips, but it's our travelers that have the final word on the quality of our tours. Here are just some comments that we've received...


"All of your office staff is very helpful and always friendly on the phone and prompt in getting back with information."

Jim Alton - Laos

"This is my seventh trip with ElderTreks;.the repeat speaks for itself."

Rosina Weiskopf - Mongolia

"I loved the trip! I loved the hiking, the guides and the regional, varied food. I loved the charming hotels. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Taquille Island was fabulous. Kudos to ElderTreks."

S. Kopfleisch - Peru & Bolivia

"There are 15 people in our 21 day Vietnam tour - 13 Americans and 2 Canadians. All of us are very experienced world travelers.

We wanted to let the ElderTrek agency and our fellow world travelers know that our Vietnam guide Ms Thuy knowledge of the history, customs and social structure was unsurpassed. She shared her life with us and opened her heart and soul so that we felt the soul of Vietnam.

Roger Burrows, our tour leader's attention to any and all details of needs of our group was simply remarkable. We want you to know if you ever have an opportunity to travel with Ms Thuy and Roger Burrows, you will be in the hands of the best tour guides we have ever traveled with. The special treatments never stopped!"

Susan Stauss, Edith Lubar, Laurie Wright, Arlene Friedman, Glenn Friedman, Eileen Baird, Becky Stoloff, Kevin Mahar, Josette Arassus, Jean Carley, Lea Coleman, Jackie Gingrich, John Gingrich and Donna Altes - Vietnam

"Immediate and personal responses endears me to ElderTreks."

Gail Russell - Wonders of the Lost World

"Everything was so organized! We appreciated the timely stops and hikes during each day. We really liked the traditional foods and all lodgings were excellent."

M. Sloup - Iceland

"There is always something beyond the run-of-the mill on an ElderTreks itineraries."

Benson Cohn - Ethiopia, Egypt, Bhutan, Tibet, Yunnan

"Employees within ElderTreks are all very courteous, accommodating and knowledgeable. No problems with anyone. Always answered phones with a smile in their voices."

Margaret Llanos - Mongolia

"Your folk appear to be competent, friendly, and easy to work with. I like that."

Bill Martin - Mongolia

"ElderTreks made travel really easy."

Deborah Edwards - Laos

"Thank you so much for calling us back on Sunday, something we never expected but appreciated so much. It is a very difficult time for us - and we cannot tell you how disappointed we are to have had to back out of a trip we were so looking forward to - especially as we almost were walking out the door on our way. We had no choice, however. We continue to be very impressed with Eldertreks, and look forward to other opportunities to travel with your company. Thank you very, very much."

Nancy and Ken McPeek - Silk Road

"You folks are always great. What a pleasure."

Ronnie Saunders - Laos

"The hiking in Fitzroy was particularly enjoyable and the days spent at the Estancia Maipu were definite highlights of the trip. Fantastic The food was consistently good with fresh ingredients and our guide made the trip truly memorable."

B. Morris - Patagonia

"I LOVED the trip! Very helpful staff, outstanding food, even the weather was organized to perfection!"

H. Andrie - Vietnam

"ElderTreks is the best for what I want in a travel experience. I pay for almost everything before I leave home – no surprises, no expensive “extras”."

Jeannine Smith - Egypt

"What makes your company truly unique is the fact that you are not only in the travel business, but are in the people business, not just for travelers, but for those who live in the countries and are in need. Your generous donation to the Lotus Children’s Center and other charitable donations there made me a die-hard ElderTreks fan."

Norma Varellas - Mongolia

"All office staff were very nice and well informed."

Bernice Nithman - Silk Road

"We are sending this message to the ElderTrek family saying, "THANK YOU" all s-o-o-o much for a most wonderful experience to southern india, early in 2007."

Anita and Ernie Taylor - Cultural West Africa, Southern India

"We enjoyed the active hikes, the remoteness of the countryside, the people and the local guides. The wranglers and cook on our trek, each picnic and most of all the energy and excitement that Florencia gave us all - she is contagious! Thank you all the staff, this adventure we will long remember."

M. Hvizdos - Hidden Treasures of South America

"Your staff is great and I like speaking to human beings who have answers."

Ellen Jacobson - Hidden Treasures of South America

"Beyond my expectations, a great learning experience. Best parts: meeting Moroccans most days; learning about Moroccan culture; stunning scenery. Thoroughly enjoyed every day of the trip. Have recommended ElderTreks to others. "

B. Smyth - Morocco

"We really appreciate your attention to things like this and that is what is so special about Eldertreks...both the office and guides are just so caring, offering the personal touch to each of us! We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and look forward to more adventures with Eldertreks. Hopefully, in the not too distant future."

Jade and Keith Lovell - Silk Road, Canadian Rockies, Papua New Guinea, Argentina and Chile, Brazil

"Roger takes such good care of everyone in his group. I'd go to the ends of the world with him without a moments hesitation. In a rating out of 10, he gets 11 in my book. "

C. Yestadt - Mongolia

"Scott is the best leader we have had on our trips. The landscape was surreal and the tribes were colorful with music and dance being a prominent part of their lives."

C. Wright - Cultural West Africa

"I would not have been 4 times on your tours if they would not have been excellent. I'll always cherish the memories. Your office, your tour leaders, the local guides, the drivers, the accommodations are always excellent. I always have a wonderful time and I thank you very much."

Hilda Artaker - Silk Road, Bhutan, Spiritual India

"Thank you for your explanation of the transfer situation."

Bernice Gibson - South Africa, Borneo, New Zealand

"Three years ago I went on an ElderTreks trip to Thailand. It was a highlight of my traveling experiences. Recently I went on a group trip to
Costa Rica arranged through a travel agency. Although it was basically a good experience, the differences in the quality of your trip and that trip where light years apart. Yours was so well organized and the attention to detail was remarkable. The local guides on your trip where informative and I left Thailand feeling knowledgeable about Thailand and the people. I am looking forward to taking another ElderTreks trip. The problem I have is I teach and so many of the times of travel don't work with my schedule. I plan on taking many more trips through ElderTreks when my schedule allows so don't forget about me! I just wanted to provide this feedback because people usually only write with complaints."

Jeanette Koshar - Thailand

"I think you have a great company. All staff excellent attitude."

Joan Oyama - Patagonia, Splendors of Southern Africa, Silk Road, Iran

"I really enjoyed the trip - 1st time on a tour for me. It was well organized, food staff, very good - loved the scenery and being outdoors and my heart was glad to be in Tibet."

E. Gavin - Yunnan

"So impressed with the travel packet. I’ve never received so much info and maps before. And the personal relationships from those in the office."

Dixie Storkman - Transylvania

"I thought the trip was outstanding. I am very impressed with your travel organization and I would be interested in other trips with ElderTreks. China is very impressive on all accounts."

D. Lee - China

"Pre-travel communication (phone and written) was thorough, informative and well organized. Friendly phone contact!!"

Francine Brown - Argentina and Chile

"I thought it was a fantastic trip. I especially enjoyed visiting all the hill tribes, Inle Lake and all there was to see in that area - the travel by longboats, the time on the Pandaw, observing life on the river and balloons over Bagan. I enjoyed every opportunity to visit and interact with people."

J. Cain - Burma

"A good trip, well organized with outstanding staff and friendly group of travelers. Transylvania was much more beautiful than I expected and I particularly enjoyed the hikes and villages."

J. La Pez - Transylvania

"Great office communication and efficiency. Fair pricing."

Jade Lovell - Silk Road

"Niraj was one of the best guides I have ever had, very knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble. "

J. Murray - Bhutan

"Hiking the Inca Trail was totally awesome! Very challenging but worth every minute. The scenery, the history truly impressed me. The cook was amazing and the porters were great. Manuel was truly a 10 throughout the tour, knowledgeable resourceful and well organized. I enjoyed all the day trips - the tour was perfect."

V. Jones - Peru & Bolivia

"The trip was remarkable, unforgettable, fabulous. Excellent overall organization, good mix of exercise and leisure, kindness and helpfulness of guides."

M. Wiley - Mongolia

"I LOVED the trip! ElderTreks provided a good itinerary and Roger filled in with other activities and visits. I feel we got good value in first rate accommodations, extensive tours, many activities and comfortable transportation."

B. Meissner - Madagascar

"Eldertreks gave me credit in the catalog for 2 of their Egypt pictures that I had taken for their Egypt page :)… brag, brag… Had to mention this…:) The truth is, I love Eldertreks so much, their tours, their tour guides (!) and the office staff, that I am proud of and happy for every tiny, minute contribution that I can make….. Thank God there will be Eldertreks’ trip to Uganda in February to break up the long winter."

Birgit Steinhauser - Cultural West Africa, Bhutan, Borneo, Spendors of Southern Africa, Galapagos, Amazon, Papua New Guinea, Egypt, Uganda, Iran, Argentina and Chile, Easter Island

"Loved it! Guilin was an exceptional guide of a fascinating country. She made everything go like clockwork. The food was excellent and the accommodations were above expectations. "

J. Covode - Turkey

"We thought the trip was wonderful - it exceeded all of our expectations! While we enjoyed virtually all aspects of the trip, the game drives in particular were fantastic. We also found it interesting to learn about the culture of Tanzania - this enhanced the overall experience greatly."

J. McGuire - Tanzania
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