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One of the world’s last great untouched frontiers, the splendor of Antarctica is like nowhere you’ve traveled to before. With a rich history of exploration you’ll follow in the footsteps of such adventurous spirits as Ernest Shackleton and Borchgrevink as you’re immersed further into the remoteness and beauty of The White Continent. Emperor penguins, humpback and minke whales as well as other unique wildlife species native to the Falklands and South Shetland Islands can be seen on your journey of land and sea as you continue south below the Antarctic Circle.

ElderTreks adventure tours, taking our travelers to explore the Antarctic since 1987.

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Antarctic Circle Crossing
Argentina, Antarctica
14 days$8995 USD  1
Antarctica Antarctic Express
Chile, Antarctica
7 - 8 days$9995 USD  1
Antarctica Classic
Argentina, Antarctica
12 days$9395 USD  1
Antarctica Explorers and Kings
Falkland Islands, Argentina, Antarctica
20 days$13095 USD  1
Camping with Emperor Penguins
Chile, Antarctica
9 days$45750 USD  2
Epic Antarctica
Argentina, Antarctica
23 days$23200 USD  12020-02-15
Standing at the South Pole
Chile, Antarctica
7 days$49750 USD  2
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