SOS Children's Villages is a private social welfare organisation which offers orphaned and abandoned children a new and permanent home. The children stay there until they are able to lead an independent life.

ElderTreks group visiting the SOS Children's Village in Rawalpindi


  • Provide the children with an environment which is as normal as possible
  • Give the children every opportunity to develop to their full potential
  • Equip the child with the necessary skills to lead an independent life
  • Integrate the orphan child with society

After the disastrous earthquake in 2005, the Rawalpindi SOS Children's Village became a new home for many orphaned children in northern Pakistan.

In support of the Earthquake Relief project in Pakistan, ElderTreks in liaison with the local operator, Mountain Travels Pakistan, donates $500 USD to the Rawalpindi SOS Children's Village for every Silk Road trip. In September 2006, two ElderTreks groups donated money towards purchasing a new mini-van for the children.

Ghulam Ahmad, Director of Mountain Travels Pakistan hands donation to the representative of the SOS Children's Village.

To find out more about the SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan, please visit:


ElderTreks group meeting the children at the SOS Children's Village in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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