Housing ProjectMadagascar; an island nation as unique as any place on earth, teeming with over 30 different species of lemurs, is an exotic land that attracts intrepid adventure seekers from around the world. However, as with so many far off lands, the intrigue and fascination felt by visiting travelers, also has a desperate cry from a people all too familiar with poverty.

One of our favorite guides, Roger Burrows, has led our Madagascar trip several times. A few years ago while in Madagascar, Roger came across a charity to help abandoned women and children. After learning what we could do to help, the decision to build two homes for such a worthy cause was an easy one to make.

House ConstructionThis last September, while our ElderTreks group was enjoying the flora, fauna and culture of Madagascar, we included a stop for the inauguration of the two new homes, which have been named, "ElderTreks Homes". All group members were touched by the appreciation and warmth of the women and children who now had a place they could call home.

We hope to continue helping with this worthy cause as well as the many charities that we are already supporting around the world including orphanages in India, China, Madagascar, Turkey, Mongolia and Pakistan; schools in Vietnam, Yunnan, Tibet and Tanzania. We proudly support the Gombe Stream Research Centre (a.k.a Jane Goodall's Chimpanzees) in Tanzania and three villages in west Africa.

Part of our mandate is to share some of our good fortune with those less fortunate, at a very grass roots level, where we know all of the support goes to those who need it most. If you would like to contribute to any of our causes, we would be happy to help facilitate this. Or, if all you do is join one of our adventures, we hope you can feel good traveling with a company that continually makes contributions to worthy causes around the world.

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Images: "ElderTreks Homes" Project in Madagascar.
Photos: © George Waring

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