For those of you who have previously traveled with ElderTreks, you may know one or even several of our tour leaders listed below. Their expertise, commitment and sensitivity to our travelers as well as the people and environments we visit are the reasons we get such great feedback on our guides from our past travelers.

The following is a tentative schedule of our tour leaders upcoming adventures. Please bear in mind that this is only a provisional schedule and while these leaders are scheduled to be on these trips, circumstances beyond our control may change these schedules.

We are proud of all of our first rate tour leaders, but if you have traveled with one and really want to travel on another trip they are leading, we extend to you a formal invitation to "Follow your Leader".


Roger Burrows

Roger has led innumerable ElderTreks trips, and as a veteran tour leader, he brings a wealth of experience to his job as all-round trip facilitator. Roger's travels have taken him all over the world, including Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. His keen interest in local people and cultures often offers travelers the unique opportunity to visit local homes, orphanages and schools. An avid animal lover, Roger has even been known to bring treats for local cats and dogs. 

Jan 05  -Feb 05,2022  The Grand South-East Asia Adventure
May 04  -May 30,2022  The Stans of Central Asia
Jul 01  -Jul 17,2022  Mongolia
Sep 14  -Oct 10,2022  The Stans of Central Asia

"How could there be anyone better than Roger? He was excellent on all counts and will definitely look for tours with him in the future."

Christine & Alan Surtees - The Grand South-East Asia Adventure

Guilherme (Gafa) Stamato

Guilherme is a native Brazilian (nicknamed "Gafa") and graduated from Sao Paulo University with a degree in Physical Education along with a Black-belt in Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan. He lives in Sao Paulo and has two children, Raphael and Sophia. Gafa is an excellent photographer and wildlife expert who will add great local knowledge to the explorations on your tour. 

Sep 16  -Oct 01,2021  Brazil

"Gafa made our travels flow smoothly and is just a pleasant person to be with."

Jade Lovell - Brazil

Lajos Nemeth

Lajos (pronounced Lay-osh) is a proud native Hungarian and, as a biologist, has a formidable knowledge of natural history and the underwater world. Lajos brings a wealth of experience and character to his job and will be outstanding as all-round facilitator on your trip. In addition to travelling extensively in Eastern Europe, he also feels at home around the Mediterranean, as well as having a serious travel passion for many countries in Africa. Lajos loves the great outdoors and sometimes spends several weeks in bush-camps in search of birds, butterflies and wildlife. His other passions include history, politics, photography, rare natural history books, fly-fishing, scuba diving, deep desert exploration and... oh yes, Hungarian wines. 

Sep 28  -Oct 18,2021  Adriatic Adventure
Oct 19  -Nov 08,2021  Adriatic Adventure
May 23  -Jun 11,2022  Transylvania
Sep 10  -Oct 01,2022  Albania Macedonia Bulgaria

"Lajos did a great job. Things went smoothly due to his efforts. He was sensitive to our needs. Lajos and the driver added a great deal to the trip."

Carol Crowell - Adriatic Adventure

Manuel Velazco

Manuel originally from the Andes of Peru (Cusco), began in the travel business at the tender age of 14. He has a degree as a Professional Tour Guide, specializing in Inca Culture and is one of Peru's most experienced and respected tour leaders. Manuel has been sharing his wonderful sense of humor and love of the mountains with ElderTrekkers for many years and has hiked the Inca Trail over 250 times. He also speaks three different languages, English, Spanish and Qechua (the language of the Incas) and brings plenty of fun and learning to every adventure he guides. 

Sep 06  -Sep 24,2021  Colombia
Oct 09  -Oct 29,2022  Peru

"Manuel was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and courteous. He has a passion and enthusiasm for his job."

Marnie Bracht - Peru

Eric Fengler

Eric was born in the Netherlands where he studied Environmental Engineering at Wageningen University. During his studies he trained in Tucumán, Argentina, 1,300 km northwest of Buenos Aires moving there in 1992. He has traveled extensively throughout South America and has been guiding tours in Argentina and Chile since 1996 specializing in the Patagonia region. Since 2012 Eric has also been leading trips for ElderTreks in Asia, Oceania and Europe. He speaks English, German, and Spanish as well as his native Dutch. Eric has worked with ElderTreks for many years and we welcome his local knowledge and international flair. You are in very capable hands with Eric. 

Jan 08  -Jan 24,2022  Argentina & Chile
Jan 27  -Feb 11,2022  Patagonia Trekking
Mar 03  -Mar 24,2022  Hidden Treasures of South America
Jun 09  -Jun 29,2022  St. Petersburg & The Baltics
Jul 02  -Jul 22,2022  St. Petersburg & The Baltics
Sep 28  -Oct 24,2022  The Stans of Central Asia

"He was great. Even when you thought you couldn’t do it, he would give you courage to go on."

Pam Dilsizian - Patagonia Trekking

Nitin Dhami

Nitin calls the world his classroom. Traveling extensively throughout India and the world, Nitin offers a unique perspective about the adventures you take with him. He has a wealth of knowledge about the history, the heritage, the cultures and customs of the people of India and a keen understanding of the geography of South Asia. Nitin has led a variety of adventures in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Iran, Papua New Guinea, East and West Africa, Ethiopia, Borneo, Laos and Sri Lanka. Nitin is happiest in the mountains of Northern India and the higher the better, as he is an advanced mountaineering expert having climbed to 19,685 feet twice. Nitin speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and several local Indian dialects. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS, California USA).

Oct 01  -Oct 20,2021  Sumatra
Oct 20  -Nov 08,2021  Java and Bali
Jun 16  -Jul 07,2022  Mountains & Monasteries of Northern India
Aug 11  -Aug 31,2022  Papua New Guinea
Sep 15  -Oct 05,2022  Papua New Guinea

"When it comes to Nitin, only superlatives come to mind."

Orna Rawls - Spiritual India

David Roth

Born in Canada and having resided in 7 countries, David has spent over 40 years travelling the world - the last 25 working in the travel industry. He has designed and led numerous tours for Eldertreks. With an attention to maximizing the group’s travel experience, David’s personable and often humorous style of tour leading offers his fellow travelers many opportunities to interact with the local people and cultures. David has an MA in International Relations, and also speaks German, a bit of Russian, French and Arabic. In his spare time he writes children’s books.  

May 10  -May 29,2022  The Caucasus
Sep 06  -Sep 24,2022  Russia and Belarus

"David was excellent. He helped me in many ways. He made many efforts to look after the group."

S. Van Wyck - Iran Highlights

Abdul Sebak

Abdul Moez is a graduate of the Faculty of Archaeology and is the Director of Egyptology at the Giza Pyramids. He has worked on several important archaelogical digs including Abu Rawash, Worker's Village in Giza, (pre-dynastic period at Saqqara) and currently serves as an advisor for archaelogical digs in and around the Giza area. He also holds a diploma in Tourism/Guiding from the Faculty of Tourism in Egypt and brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Tour Leader for ElderTreks. In addition to leading our ElderTreks' groups since 2005, Abdul also had the pleasure of showing the Giza pyramids to former US President Jimmy Carter. 

Oct 16  -Nov 06,2021  Egypt
Nov 13  -Dec 04,2021  Egypt
Feb 05  -Feb 26,2022  Egypt
Oct 15  -Nov 05,2022  Egypt

"Abdul was extremely patient - always willing to explain one more time whatever information we needed to know - very kind, thoughtful and always up beat. His passion for archeology, pyramids, pharaohs, and tombs was contagious and inspiring. Very knowledgeable - wonderful sense of humor."

M Twitchell - Egypt

Tomas Havlicek

Tomas, a native Czech, received his University degree in English and American studies as well as philosophy. He has worked as a guide since 2000, specializing in Central Europe. Tomas has a keen interest in history, architecture, and post-communist development of the region. Since he has lived half of his life under the communist rule and the other under democracy, Tomas has a truly unique perspective which he loves to share with those he is travelling with. Tomas will do all that he can to make your travel experience with him most memorable! 

May 23  -Jun 06,2022  Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe

"Excellent guide! Broad interests, intelligent, caring, fantastic language skills, great people person!"

J. Schmidlapp and J. Lancaster - Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe

Turin Tun Maw

Thuyein "Turin" Tunmaw Turin was born, raised and educated in Yangon (Rangoon), Burma (Myanmar) Despite earning a Physics Degree and a Computer diploma, his passion lead him towards history, geography, languages, traveling and meeting people. His Mom was working in Tourism and it seemed like a natural decision to follow in her footsteps. He recieved his guides license in 1994 and has been working as a guide and tour leader ever since. Turin speaks English, Spanish and of course his native Burmese. We know that Turin's knowledge, passion and caring attitude will make any trip to Burma a very special one. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with anyone he travels with. We are sure you will agree. 

Feb 09  -Feb 28,2022  Myanmar (Burma)

"Turin was excellent in his knowledge of the country, in looking after us, and in providing "surprises.""

Bill Abell - Myanmar (Burma)

Claire Prest

Claire has lived and worked throughout the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia for the past 10 years, originally from Down Under. Her philosophy of respect for the environment, culture and communities nurtures incredible travel experiences. Her passion for authentic cultural exchange shines through and helps cultivate hands-on experiences that help bridge boundaries and open up a world of possibilities. Through eco-tourism initiatives, Claire ensures positive benefits for local communities while enriching experiences for our travellers as much as local people. A Journey with Claire will surely be a memorable one! 

May 17  -Jun 05,2022  The Caucasus
Sep 13  -Oct 02,2022  The Caucasus

"Can't give enough praise... Claire was a fantastic leader with a very professional yet easy-going manner, terrific communicator, great sense of humour, incredible patience, and couldn't do enough to assist each and every one of us. So hope we're fortunate to travel with her again."

Bill and Barb Dexter - Borneo

Olman Quiros

Olman (Ollie) Quiros is a certified tour guide with more than 20 years experience leading diverse groups in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. General and natural history are two of his interests. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves to do white water rafting, surfing, horseback riding, and hiking among other activities. Ollie was a cultural exchange student in Finland and Sweden and has traveled extensively throughout Europe learning about different cultures.

His volunteer work includes working with the Costa Rican National Parks Foundation to preserve the Green Turtle and with the Mesoamerican Rescue Center to promote animal welfare, habitat protection and reforestation in Costa Rica. He speaks Spanish and English and understands Finnish and Swedish.

Dec 01  -Dec 15,2021  Costa Rica
Jan 11  -Jan 25,2022  Costa Rica
Feb 17  -Mar 03,2022  Costa Rica
Apr 05  -Apr 19,2022  Costa Rica
Dec 02  -Dec 16,2022  Costa Rica
Jan 10  -Jan 24,2023  Costa Rica
Jan 31  -Feb 14,2023  Costa Rica
Feb 16  -Mar 02,2023  Costa Rica
Mar 28  -Apr 11,2023  Costa Rica
Dec 01  -Dec 15,2023  Costa Rica

"He was indispensable to the enjoyment of the tour.  He was very knowledgeable but also used a reference book if we asked unusual questions.  We always felt that we were getting a correct answer and not just any response he happened to think of.  He also made us laugh a lot."

F. Lokay - Costa Rica

Lucas Mhina

Lucas was born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania. Has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the UK, attended a wildlife college in Kenya where he obtained Diploma in Tourism and Tour Guiding, receiving further training in tour leading and guiding, as well as first aid in South Africa.

He has been guiding and leading tourists’ groups in Kenya and Tanzania for 20+ yrs. He has a keen interest in ecology and truly enjoys being with people, so that he can share his knowledge of the flora and fauna of East Africa as well as the vibrant culture.

Lucas is married and has three children (Sylvia, John, and Jovin) and while not leading trips, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Oct 30  -Nov 18,2021  Kenya and Tanzania

"Lucas did everything he could possibly do for us. He was a wonderful fit for our group."

J. Boring - Tanzania

Thuy Nghiem Hong

Thuy is a graduate of English at the National University of Hanoi. She has been a national tour guide in Vietnam since 1991 and is well versed in the countries rich history, culture and culinary reputation. Thuy is always eager to share her life experiences, growing up in a rapidly changing Vietnam. Her style of tour leading is a direct reflection of her Buddhist and Confucian beliefs which place an emphasis on responsible tourism and a general respect for all sentient beings. 

Feb 18  -Mar 10,2022  Vietnam

"Thuy was excellent - very informative about her country. She gave me a real insight into Vietnam."

D. Webb - Vietnam

Ham Juuko

Ham was born in Western Uganda and grew up on his family's cattle farm. He graduated school with a diploma in Accounting and Customer Care. Ham has put his passionate interest in wildlife and his experience caring for clients together to become a senior tour guide in his homeland. He recently became accredited as a guide for bird-watching groups. 

Jan 13  -Jan 30,2022  Uganda & Rwanda

"Ham is surely one of the very best guides I have ever had (I have traveled internationally on at least 15 trips catering to wildlife observation). He was knowledgeable (knows and names and even tells the sex) of hundreds of Ugandan birds, an expert sighter (could see a lion about a mile away!!), was always polite, had a great sense of humor, put up with 4 woman old enough to be his mother, ... I could go on and on. He was absolutely wonderful and made the trip one of the most memorable experiences of my life. "

D. Schultz - Uganda

Guiper Rosales

Guillermo or 'Guiper' has been leading for twelve years and has a passion for the Mayan world - its history, its culture and of course the incredible legacy of Mayan sites. You will be impressed by Guiper's knowledge of the Mayan world as well as contemporary knowledge of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Guiper is well certified in the art of guiding, safety and first aid but it just might be his sense of humour and energy that will leave the greatest impression on you. We hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy ElderTreks' Lost World of the Mayans with someone as capable and passionate as Guiper. 

Jan 11  -Jan 30,2022  Lost World of the Mayans

"Guiper was enthusiastic, energetic, always available and sensitive to everyone's needs. He has a great sense of humour. His knowledge is impressive and, as well as giving us information, he was always open to learning from others."

B. Tresidder - Lost World of the Mayans

Kamel Boukari

As a professional guide, Kamel graduated from the Tunisian College of Tourism with a focus on history, both modern and ancient including the second world war. He is well educated and his extensive expertise at historic sites and museums is almost taken for granted but very impressive. He is fluent in English, French and German and has enjoyed showing people from all over the world the treasures that one can find in Tunisia. However, what makes Kamel special as a tour leader is that he is immensely helpful, caring, respectful, flexible and really wants to look after his guests. Despite his weath of knowledge, Kamel feels he learns just as much from the guest he is looking after. With his endearing sense of humility, knowledge and caring attitude, Kamel will show you a Tunisian experience you will not soon forget! 

Mar 01  -Mar 16,2022  Tunisia

"Kamel was a great tour leader. His knowledge of Tunisia's history was impessive, he has a great sense of humour, and he added special visits to his family which we all appreciated."

Barbara Tresidder - Tunisia

Suzanne Ivan (Manka)

We are thrilled to welcome back Susanne, (or 'Manka' as she is known) to the ElderTreks family of expert leaders. For many years Manka led our Transylvania and Adriatric Adventures, along with her husband Lajos, and after a hiatus of several years devoting time to their two children, Manka is returning to the job she loves - as a tour leader.

Manka brings not only her great smile and wonderful communication style, but also degrees in biology, marketing and tourism, and most recently, a doctorate in the Evolutionary Psychology of the Roma (gypsy) people. As if this background and expertise weren't impressive enough, did we mention she speaks word-perfect English and German as well as her native tongue? All that's left to mention is her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors, and you'll see why Susanne is everything you could hope for as your guide. In fact, to use the words of one of her clients, “you will be in the best of hands”.

Oct 04  -Oct 24,2022  Adriatic Adventure

"This was a very active itinerary and Manka helped me through a couple challenging parts. I might still be trying to struggle my way down the Paklenica Gorge Trail were it not for her. She knows her history, and her English is very good. She is VERY personable and has a knack for knowing different personalities and how to communicate with them and get the best out of them while making sure they are getting the best experience she can provide. She was on top of every detail at all times and has an amazing memory. I absolutely love her."

Alice Luella (Lue) Paddack - Adriatic Adventure

Helen Tait

If you have a question about anything on your tour, Helen is definitely the woman you want to ask. Not just because she has more than a dozen years of experience as a tour leader in more than 20 countries, but because her degree in library science and resultant high-profile positions in that field make her a true curator of information. You can be sure, if Helen doesnít know the answer, she knows how to find it!

Equally resourceful when it comes to the practical side of life, Helen is always keen to offer up a wealth of day-to-day information on the country she has called home for over 26 years, from historical or cultural information to recommendations for great shopping!

If learning and discovery are what you expect from your tour, expect nothing but the best with Helen to guide you.

Feb 03  -Feb 17,2022  New Zealand

"Helen absolutely made our trip. She worked overtime to give us a fabulous experience and succeeded way above expectations."

G. Haar - New Zealand

Jeff Zephyrin

Jeff was born in Madagascar and has worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years. Jeff fluently speaks English, French; various dialects found in Southern Madagascar, and currently learning Japanese. Jeff's holistic leading approach combined with his caring personality, extensive knowledge and passion for the local culture and wildlife will be sure to make your experience as wonderfully diverse and unique as Madagascar itself. 

May 04  -May 21,2022  Madagascar

"Jeff demonstrated a deep affection for his country. He was knowledgeable of the flora, fauna, history, culture and politics and gave us a wonderful overview of everything. He made sure we saw everything we were promised, but was flexible in giving us spontaneous experiences. He was kind, thoughtful and concerned about everyone's well-being. He also had a good perspective and sense of humor."

Kris Otis - Madagascar

Daniel Merino

Daniel was born in (San Luis) “Pinar del Rio” a region known for producing the best tobacco in Cuba. Daniel grew up on a farm helping his family with their crops and livestock. He obtained his degree in foreign languages from the Pedagogical University and speaks Spanish, English, French and German fluently. Daniel was an English professor for junior and senior high schools students as well as in a tourism school for many years before deciding to follow his dream. Danielís passion for nature and the great outdoors brought him to the Biosphere reserve “Las Terrazas” were he has been a nature expert guide for over 12 years. His favourite activities include bird watching, trekking and swimming. Daniel enjoys sharing anecdotes of his personal life as well as his experiences as a Cuban. Daniel will keep you laughing and learning during your adventure. 

Dec 07  -Dec 19,2021  Classic Cuba
Jan 11  -Jan 23,2022  Classic Cuba
Jan 24  -Feb 07,2022  Eastern Cuba
Feb 01  -Feb 13,2022  Classic Cuba
Feb 14  -Feb 28,2022  Eastern Cuba
Mar 01  -Mar 13,2022  Classic Cuba
Apr 05  -Apr 17,2022  Classic Cuba
Apr 18  -May 02,2022  Eastern Cuba
May 03  -May 15,2022  Classic Cuba
Nov 08  -Nov 20,2022  Classic Cuba
Dec 08  -Dec 20,2022  Classic Cuba

"Danny was an excellent trip leader. He generously shared his knowledge and personal experiences. He was always calm and upbeat even when things didn’t go quite as planned. A true professional but also a very kind sweet person."

Sandy Sverdloff - Classic Cuba

Sumit Pruthi

Sumit Pruthi graduated from University with a Tourism and Hospitality degree. He has also completed his formal training with the Ministry of Tourism of Oman. Sumit speaks an impressive 5 languages fluently - English, German, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi. In 2007, his guide and medical training along with his passion for Arab cultures started Sumit on a path that lead him to lead trips in the Sultanate of Oman. Trekking in the stunning landscapes including rugged mountains and wadis, the smell of frankincense, the taste of fresh lemon mint juice, fascinating markets or souqs, forts dotting the countryside, camel herds in the Empty Quarter and the relaxed and welcoming culture of Oman have acted as a stong magnet. After a decade of leading trips in Oman, his passion and enthusiasm have never wained. Patience, politeness, punctuality as well as a great attitude and a wealth of information makes Sumit nothing short of a superb tour leader! 

Nov 11  -Nov 30,2021  Oman
Jan 30  -Feb 19,2022  Laos
May 02  -May 23,2022  Iran Highlights
Oct 10  -Oct 31,2022  Iran Highlights
Nov 03  -Nov 22,2022  Oman

"A+ Very caring and professional. We have traveled many times with different companies and find Sumit Pruthi to be the best trip leader we have ever had."

Edward and Elena Long - Iran Highlights

Samir Harit el Mir

Samir Harit el Mir has been leading ElderTreks Morocco tours for the past 7 years. He studied in Casablanca before attending university and studying tourism in Tangier City. He has been guiding English speaking groups since 1987 and has covered every corner of his country. He specializes in the history of Morocco as well as of Islam and the Arab world. He speaks English, Arabic, French and Japanese. His Moroccan collegues look to Samir for his knowledge and guiding expertise. 

Oct 09  -Oct 25,2021  Morocco
Mar 16  -Apr 01,2022  Morocco
Oct 07  -Oct 23,2022  Morocco

"Samir was the best: knowledgeable, organized, pleasant, non-flappable. "

Elizabeth Bradner - Morocco

Vivek Paliwal

Vivek is a terrific tour leader with 11 years leading experience for companies like Intrepid, Exodus, Peregrine, Geckos and Cox and Kings, delivering high quality customer experience. Motivated, strong work ethic and positive attitude will give anyone travelling with Vivek memorable tour. A graduate from MCRPV University, his enthusiastic, high energy, resourceful and determination will add to his excellent leadership to make sure your holiday runs smoothly. He loves to pass on his knowledge and passion for the countries he leads in to visitors, ensuring they have the opportunity to experience the best of that country has to offer in safety and comfort; and to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism with enthusiasm and in a way that connects with as many people as possible. 

Feb 02  -Feb 21,2022  Lions & Tigers of India - 20 Days
Oct 20  -Nov 09,2022  Classic India

Ruwan Balasuriya

Ruwan Balasuriya has been leading tours in his native Sri Lanka for more than 7 years highlighting its history, culture, wildlife and of course, the people. After having toured the country with Ruwan, you will leave with the lasting impression of having visited the real Sri Lanka. 

Oct 25  -Nov 12,2021  Sri Lanka
Oct 24  -Nov 11,2022  Sri Lanka

"Knowledgeable, good sense of humor, good at working with people, just a few, mostly minor organizational glitches. We strongly recommend him!!"

Ruth Dawson - Sri Lanka

Joel Verimuje

Joël is born and bred in Namibia. He has an outgoing personality and has been in the tourism industry for the past 9 years. He grew up in the northern part of Namibia that is also where he completed primary and secondary school and then moved to capital city. While in Windhoek he completed a diploma in tourism management from The Association of Business Executives (ABE) UK via distance study. After Joel obtained his diploma, he started tour guiding courses with NATH while working as a camp assistant for a tour operator. Joel was later promoted to senior tour guide, thereafter he started taking on various tours as a freelance guide. His interests include hiking, wildlife, birds, flora, geology, astronomy, and Namibian culture. He speaks Nama-Damara, Oshiwambo, English and Afrikaans. 

Nov 05  -Nov 27,2021  Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe
Jun 08  -Jun 30,2022  Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

"Joel was excellent...all the information he has, organized skills with people and the information book we got at the start...wished more companies would do that"

Bette-Jean McElroy - Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

Andrew Davies

Andrew has been out roaming the mountains since a very young age. He enjoys the great outdoors and showing others the beauty of the country where he grew up. With his passion for hiking, and encouraging others to learn about nature and wildlife, he is an amazing guide to explore the wilderness with.


Jun 02  -Jun 15,2022  Hiking in the British Isles

"Excellent guide. He made the trip pleasurable beyond expectations with his overall knowledge, flexibility and genuine interest in seeing that we all had the best of experiences."

Lynda Becktold - Hiking in the British Isles

Dylan Lees

Born in Johannesburg, Dylan spent his childhood years traveling with family all around Southern Africa. Moving to the Wild Coast he developed a love of nature, which led to a career in tourism. Early trips included overland camping tours through Southern and East Africa which evenatually expanded to 11 countries in Africa. Dylan enjoys showing the amazing sights of Southern Africa to his clients while at the same time focusing on ways to increase the environmental and sustainability of tourism for the future of the region. 

Sep 09  -Oct 03,2022  Kingdoms of Southern Africa

"This young man is knowledgeable, friendly, funny and well organized. You got a keeper."

Sudha Tuli - Kingdoms of Southern Africa

Alexander Giannios

Alexandros Giannios is a filmmaker, specialized on documentaries and extreme sports filming. He studied Cultural Management at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication (University of the Aegean) and then specialized in film making at Prague Film School.

His combined passion for nature and the Greek cultural heritage, led him to become an outdoors guide in Greece. The last eight years he has been professionally trained and worked as an outdoors activities guide, adept at rafting, sea kayaking, river trekking and hiking. Alexandros has excellent communication skills and enjoys connecting with people from around the world.

Sep 10  -Sep 26,2021  Ancient Greece
Sep 08  -Sep 24,2022  Ancient Greece

Our Other Departures

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Nov 08  -Nov 28,2023  Classic India
Nov 16  -Dec 05,2023  Lions & Tigers of India - 20 Days
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