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Papua New Guinea

Papau New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is like no other place on Earth - culturally rich and geographically remote, with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. Both our August and September departures features the Singsing festival, where the tribes come from all over Papua New Guinea for a two-day spectacular "singsing" - a traditional song and dance festival complete with traditional tribal clothing and body decoration. Throughout our journey, we encounter amazing birdlife, lush flora, stunning scenery and some of the most fascinating tribal people on Earth.

Dates/Price: Aug 15 - Sep 4, 2023 $11,995
  Sep 12 - Oct 2, 2023 $11,995
  Aug 15 - Sep 4, 2024 $11,995
  Sep 10 - 30, 2024 $11,995

Baltics - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


Three neighboring countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - known as the Baltics, share a common history and seacoast but are all unique. All three Baltic capitals have UNESCO designations. Lithuania's castle on an island, Latvia's guild houses, Estonia's well-preserved medieval Old Town, sand dunes on the Curonian Spit, national parks, and Estonian islands in the Baltic Sea are just a sample of what to expect on our Baltic adventure.

Dates/Price: Jun 8 - 26, 2023 $7,295
  Jun 9 - 27, 2024 $7,495



Grasslands extend to a horizon of cobalt-blue skies, pastel-hued rocks color the Gobi Desert and fast-flowing rivers cut deep canyons in arid steppes in this remote Asian nation land-locked between China and Russia. The people, descendants of Genghis Khan, are an eclectic mix of rugged nomads, Buddhist monks, farmers and merchants. For the truly adventurous, Mongolia holds the promise of an exotic culture rarely visited by travelers.

Dates/Price: Jul 1 - 17, 2023 $7,495
  Jul 1 - 17, 2024 $7,595

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ALL ElderTreks' tour leaders/guides and drivers will be fully vaccinated!


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