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Click here to find all of our upcoming trips in our ElderTreks 2022/23 Catalogue.

Please Note: ElderTreks will not be printing and mailing a new catalogue for 2022/23. We are planning to resume printing our catalogue for 2023/24.

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2023/2024 Catalogue

Although we are just finalizing our 2024 trips, many of them are already on offer here on our website.

We know many of you are anxious to make your travel plans for 2024 so please go to your trip(s) of interest to find 2024 departures.

If 2024 dates are not on display, they will be very soon.

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Please Note:

ALL Travelers on an ElderTreks’ adventure MUST be fully vaccinated!

All ElderTreks' tour leaders/guides and drivers will be fully vaccinated!

ElderTreks is monitoring each destination closely and making decisions based on safety, common sense and cautious optimism. Governmental requirements (open/closed borders, quarantine, testing, curfews, lockdowns, what is open and what is closed, etc.) vary from country to country but are also part of our decision making. We only want to offer departures in which we feel confident that we can offer our travelers an unforgettable experience! We do not control governments, airlines, what is opened or closed or the desires and fears of our travelers but we would want to be honest and transparent regarding the viability and safety of each destination. We all know how much things can change regarding outbreaks and borders in a relatively short period of time so we have shortened our final payment period for the 2021 trips (listed above) that we will be operating. We all want to get back to living our lives, and for many, that includes travel. We cannot wait to get back to offering ALL of our destinations again but we only want to do this safely and responsibly!


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