Brazil - Rivers, Rainforests & Wildlife

Hear the thunder of Iguazu Falls and enjoy a NEW unique opportunity to see the elusive jaguar in the wild; travel to the Pantanal, one of the richest biological zones on Earth; cultural Sao Paulo, and explore the crystal blue waters of Nobres. Cruise along the gentle tributaries of the Amazon and finish the journey in Rio, one of the world's most beautiful cities.
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Chinese Silk Road

The ancient Silk Road was a route that connected Imperial Rome with China. For centuries it was the main exchange between East and West, connecting religion and philosophy as well as goods and ideas. It was a place of great ancient cities as well as religious and spiritual centers of faith. Extending 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers), the heart of the great Silk Road was China.
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Ethiopia - The Horn of Africa

Few places offer such a myriad of experiences for the traveler as Ethiopia. Much of the fascination of this country lies in its many historical sites. Ethiopia also has nine national parks, protecting many of its endemic species. The ancient tribal culture compliments the unique history and nature of Ethiopia. Experience tribal cultures such as the Hamer, the Mursi and the Dorze, whose traditional lifestyle is a stark contrast to our modern life.  Read more

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Ancient Greece
Islands, Myths and Legends

5 Journey into the realm of the gods - Athena, Apollo, Hercules, Poseidon and the mighty Zeus. Bring the mythology and legends of ancient Greece to life in an epic journey taking you from the impressive Parthenon in Athens' Acropolis, to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games, to the stunning Greek islands. Read more

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Classic Turkey
East Meets West at the Crossroads of History

Turkey, the fabled land that joins the familiar West with the mystery of the East, is a prime destination for the adventure traveler. The history and legend of Turkey presents an eclectic mix of new and ancient in the warmth of an open and welcoming culture.  Read more

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Albania Macedonia Bulgaria

Welcome to Old Europe - remote, unexplored and unspoiled. With cobblestone streets, Roman ruins, cosmopolitan cities, quaint towns, medieval monasteries and castles, UNESCO sites and pristine nature. Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania are easily some of Europe's last, mostly unexplored gems. We also visit Kosovo, the youngest country of Europe, and Corfu (Greece). Read More

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Coming soon: Russia and Belarus

Coming soon: Russia and Belarus


  French Polynesia
- Aug 10, 29, Sep 14
Galapagos and Ecuador
- Aug 6, 17, 31, Sep 14, 28 
Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)
- Jul 30, Aug 6, 13
Bhutan - Thimpu Festival
- Sep 28
- Sep 25
  High Artic Explorer
- Aug 6
Ancient Greece
- Sep 7
The Caucasus
- Sep 10
Papua New Guinea
- Aug 15, Sep 9
- Oct 7
- Oct 3
  Into the Northwest Passage: East to West
- Aug 17
The Carpathians
- Aug 26 
Heli-Hiking in the Canadian Rockies
- Jul 30, Aug 8, 11, 14, 17, 20
- Oct 6
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