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ElderTreks New
2019/20 Catalogue

We are also pleased to announce that our NEW 2019/20 catalogue is finalized and is currently available on the ElderTreks website for download. If you are already on our mailing list, you will automatically receive our new catalogue shortly. In these pages, you will see the new trips for 2019 & 2020

Hiking in the Carpathians - Poland, Slovakia & Ukraine

Journey to remote villages and mountains in a classic hiking trip, starting in the old Polish capital of Krakow. Ancient capitals, rural villages, stunning mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, museums, UNESCO churches and monasteries are some of the highlights you will encounter on this 17 day adventure to Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Read more
Date / Availability:
Aug 26, 2019 - Available
Sep 09, 2020 - Available

The Baltics - Now includes St.Petersburg, Russia

Three neighboring countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - known as the Baltics, share a common history and seacoast but are all unique. All three Baltic capitals have UNESCO designations. We also explore Russia's most impressive and historic city, St. Petersburg.
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Date / Availability:
Jun 09, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Jun 09, 2020 - available
Nepal - Kingdom of Himalayan Giants
Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Annapurna, Lhotse - these names have captured the imagination of adventurers for over a century. Nepal may be known for having the planet's highest peaks but it is also graced with beautiful terraced hillsides, raging rivers, and vibrant green lowland jungles. These extraordinary natural features are complemented by the gracious welcome of the people of this Himalayan kingdom. Read more

Date / Availability:
Oct, 09, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Apr 08, 2020 - available
Oct, 14, 2020 - available
Classic Turkey - East Meets West at the Crossroads of History
Turkey, the fabled land that joins the familiar West with the mystery of the East, is a prime destination for the adventure traveler. The history and legend of Turkey presents an eclectic mix of new and ancient in the warmth of an open and welcoming culture. Read more

Date / Availability:
Sep 16, 2019 - available
Sep 21, 2020 - available
Brazil - includes world's best oppourtunities for jaguar viewing
Hear the thunder of Iguazu Falls and enjoy a NEW unique opportunity to see the elusive jaguar in the wild; travel to the Pantanal, one of the richest biological zones on Earth; cultural Sao Paulo, and explore the crystal blue waters of Nobres. Cruise along the gentle tributaries of the Amazon and finish the journey in Rio, one of the world's most beautiful cities. 
Read More

Date / Availability:
Sep 18, 2019 - available
Sep 16, 2020 - available

The Grand South-East Asia Adventure

The land of a thousand smiles, ancient temples, 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exotic and welcoming cultures, Hilltribe villages, colorful markets and stunning scenery. ElderTreks' Grand Southeast Asia Adventure offers the best of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Read more
Date / Availability:
Jan 06, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Jan 05, 2020 - available
Uganda & Rwanda
Uganda & Rwanda are truly an unforgettable experience! Trekking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda) to spend time with the rare mountain gorillas must rank as one of the greatest wildlife encounters one can experience. Equally enthralling are the 2 encounters with chimpanzees at Ngamba Island, a sanctuary on Lake Victoria, and Kibale, known for its abundant primate population including red-tail monkeys, olive baboons, black and white colobus and red colobus monkeys.  
Read More

Date / Availability:
Jan 14, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Jan 17, 2020 - available, guaranteed

Classic Cuba - Pearl of the Antilles
Discover Cuba - a Caribbean gem! Now less forbidden and naturally enticing for all who desire to find a cultural oasis of warm generous people. Cuba's riches go beyond its vibrant culture and famous white sand beaches. It offers a rich natural landscape which includes no less than 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Be inspired by Cuba's soulful art, musical rhythms and vibrant dance. Reconnect with Havana's heyday of the 1950's with a performance at the Tropicana Cabaret. Read more

Date / Availability:
Dec 4, 2018 - on request
Dec 11, 2018 - available
Jan 8, 2019 - 3 spaces left, guaranteed
Feb 5, 2019 - available, guaranteed
... More available dates
Costa Rica - Rainforest Adventure
Costa Rica is an oasis of natural wonders - volcanoes, rainforests, white sand beaches, coral reefs and wildlife - all within a world-renowned system of national parks that protects more species of mammals and birds than the continental U.S.A. and Canada combined.
Read more

Date / Availability:
Jan 13, 2019 - 6 spaces left
Feb 16, 2019 - available
Mar 10, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Apr 01, 2019 - available
... More available dates
Tanzania - Cradle of Life
Tanzania, the largest country in east Africa, is home to wildlife, lakes, savannah and mountains. From the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, to Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa), Tanzania boasts world-renowned sites and adventure.  
Read More

Date / Availability:
Mar 4, 2019 - available, guaranteed
Mar 5, 2020 - available

Lions & Tigers of India

This may be the grandest wildlife adventure anywhere for those who are lovers of the BIG CATS - lions, tigers, and leopards! Read more
Date / Availability:
Nov 21, 2018 (20 days) - 2 spaces left, guaranteed
Feb 20, 2019 (15 days) - available, guaranteed
Nov 3, 2019 (20 days) - available
Feb 6, 2020 (20 days) - available
Nov 6, 2020 (20 days) - available


  French Polynesia
- Nov 27, Dec 15, Jan 26,2019
Galapagos and Ecuador - Onboard
- Nov 13, 17, 24, 27, Dec 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 25, 29 
Polar Bears of Churchill
- Nov 14, 
Antarctica Explorers and Kings
- Nov 14, Jan 5.2019
Uganda and Rwanda
- Jan 14, 2019 (Limited space left)
  Antarctica Classic
- Dec 8, 9, 18, 27, Jan 3, 12, 23.2019
Lions & Tigers of India - 20 days
- Nov 21
Classic Cuba
- Dec 4, 11, Jan 8.2019
Eastern Cuba
- Dec 11, 23, Jan 20.2019
Costa Rica
- Jan 13, 2019
New Zealand
- Feb 2, 2019
- Jan 6.2019
The Grand South-East Asia Adventure
- Jan 6.2019 
Tigers, Temples and Lions of India
- Jan 8.2019
- Jan 11, 15.2019 (Limited space left)
Patagonia Trekking
- Jan 27, 2019 (Limited space left)