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Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Arabic and French literature. Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. At first glance it would appear to be a country of contrasts, however no matter where you travel in Morocco you will always be immersed in a culture that can only be described as uniquely Moroccan. A culture that has absorbed outside influence and melded it within the fabric of their own heritage, Morocco's warmth emanates from its people.

Starting in Casablanca, ElderTreks tour of Morocco will take you through the artistic city of Fez, the UNESCO Roman ruins of Volubilis and a trek through the Atlas Mountains. Experience Berber life as your small group camps in the solitude of the Sahara Desert enjoying a traditional feast and Berber folklore.

An immersive journey into an incredible country, your ElderTreks Morocco adventure will no doubt be one of personal enrichment.

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