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Rainforests, the Amazon River, eclectic cities, gargantuan waterfalls, incredible beaches and welcoming people, Brazil travel is a reflection as grand as the size of the country itself. What better way to start your Brazil adventure than to explore the lifeline of the country itself, the Amazon River and its surrounding rainforest. From the Opera House and European influenced avenues of Manaus you'll set off for a four day cruise which meanders along the great river and its tributaries. Excursions to tribal villages, canoe trips to explore local floral and fauna, visits to local markets and a try at fishing makes this much more than a simple river cruise. From the eco-lodges of Pantanals varied activities through a diverse landscape of savanna, wetlands and forest you'll make your way to the impressive sight of Iguazu Falls. Nothing short of epic, to describe Iguazu in words cannot do this sight justice. It's a natural wonder of the world that shouldn't be missed. To end your adventure in Rio de Janeiro, a true gem of South America is a perfect finale to a truly adventurous tour of Brazil.

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Brazil, Argentina
16 days$9995 USD  22024-09-15
Iguazu Falls - extension
Brazil, Argentina
4 days$1895 USD  2flexible
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