Sexual wretchedness of the Arab world

The Arab world is the sexual wretchedness of the modern world. There is a long and tragic history of violence and social disintegration in the Arab world. In its most basic terms, sexual slavery is the legalized practice of controlling a human female for sexual purposes. Slaves in Arab countries were routinely subjected to humiliating and often violent punishments. In some regions of the Middle East and North Africa, women were abducted, raped, forced into sexual slavery, and treated as nothing more than sex objects. You can find a lot of additional material on the topic of Arab sex or porn in Arab countries on the site

Sexual wretchedness of the Arab world

While there are a great many women who are forced into sexual slavery, the sad reality is that the vast majority of the women in the Middle East and North Africa are not victims of sexual exploitation. Instead, they are endured through acts of terrorism, murder, and slavery. In many instances, those who are alive have no idea that their lives are being controlled simply for the sexual act. This means that the women forced into sexual acts of prostitution and slavery are suffered by physical and mental abuse.

Muslim arab world is also notorious for the practice of female infanticide. This is the killing of female babies before birth due to societal norms. While in parts of the West, infanticide is treated as a criminal offence, in the Middle East and North Africa, it is frequently meted out as a social penalty. A woman will be shamefully thrown out of the family home, unable to return to her family or community. She may even be married to an elderly man with whom she has no contact whatsoever. She may be publicly be chastised for being pregnant outside marriage.

In addition to women being castrated, many women are also tortured and killed for their entire life. Torture is defined as causing extreme physical pain to a person to force them to obey. In the Muslim world, a woman can be forced to be sexually active, and if she refuses, she is beaten, burned, or subjected to other forms of horrific physical and mental anguish. Many women die in childbirth because of the negligence of husbands or partners. Sometimes they are simply murdered by members of the community because they displeased the holy prophet. In more severe cases, women are killed because of witchcraft. A woman's sexual education is not even offered at some schools in the Arab world. virginity before marriage is still the law, which means that a child will not be educated beyond the age of nine before marriage. In some areas of Morocco, for example, the teenage pregnancy is totally unacceptable. Girls who have been married before the age of eighteen are either put in prison or treated as virtual slaves.

A woman in the Middle East may be expected to obey her husband to the extent of executing his bidding, even if that means subjecting herself and her children to sexual servitude. If a man tells a woman to obey him, then the woman must comply. If a woman says, "No", then that is interpreted as the same thing as saying, "Yes" (Arabian ءىءء). A woman who does not comply is considered to be disloyal and therefore deserving of death.

The sexual acts undergone by Arab women are not always innocent or harmless. Many times, young girls are forced to undergo "virginity pledges" by their own parents and elders, who consider this to be "stunning". Sometimes these young women are raped, and sometimes they are not. They are beaten, drugged with drugs, subjected to genital torture, and even subjected to infanticide and female infanticide. All these crimes are perpetrated against these women as well as against the Arabs and non-Arabs who occupy their country.

To understand the plight of these women, you have to go beyond political rhetoric and understand the reality of Arab life. You have to understand that the roots of the evil do lie in Arab culture, and that is why the decadence has spread so widely throughout the Middle East. Only by standing against the injustice and the brutality of Arab rule can any lasting justice be realized for the women of the Middle East. Every woman that is not a Muslim should join in the demonstrations against these barbaric attacks, because it is only through such actions that women will be able to free themselves from the oppression and servitude of the Arab world's women. Only when these women have been liberated, will the rest of the world stand up for them and for their right to exist. Enough is enough!

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