Officetel 오피 - what is it?

As of the 2000s, prostitution in Korea is very common and a lucrative business. The importation of women into South Korea for prostitution brings enormous monetary benefits to international criminal organizations. It is noted that American military bases serve as a transit point for transporting sex workers from the Asian region to the United States and South Korea.

가락오피Despite the authorities' struggle against this phenomenon, in many cities of the country there are openly officetels 오피 (kor. slang), "red-light districts", in which girls stand in showcases illuminated by intimate pink light and await customers. Most of them located Gangnam 강남, gangnam's officetel 강남오피.

There is also a large number of so-called officetel salons 오피, massage parlors, karaoke with consumation, room salons, hostess bars and even hairdressing salons, where girls from the staff also provide paid sexual services. Officetel 오피 salon in Gangnam 강남 location called 강남오피

According to the Institute of Forensic Science (2003), about 20% of Korean men under the age of 30 use prostitutes more or less regularly. About 80% of spirits are supplied to brothels, and on average, a Korean man uses paid sex 25 times more often than a European man.

A large number of girls from other countries, mainly from Southeast Asia, primarily the Philippines, China and the CIS countries, as well as Uzbekistan, are engaged in prostitution in the country. There are several hundreds of thousands of Chinese prostitutes (both true Chinese and Chinese prostitutes of Korean nationality). A number of prostitutes specialize in serving American soldiers, a large number of whom are stationed at US military bases in South Korea. At the same time, one of the largest groups of foreign sex workers who engage in prostitution there are girls from Ukraine.

Despite the official ban on such activities, girls involved in prostitution are closely monitored - they are required to undergo regular medical examinations.

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