Bank teller resume - how to write correctly, instructions

Today many establishments cannot do without a cashier: banks, shops, restaurants, hospitals, etc. But this does not mean at all that it is easy to find a bank teller job. When looking for bank teller vacancies, you will face high competition. Therefore, your resume should set you apart from other applicants.

Today quite a few people seek to get a job at a bank. This is primarily because it is generally believed that salaries in banks are much higher than in any other commercial organization.

How to create a bank teller's resume?

Your resume should consist of several blocks, each trying to fill in the information as detailed and detailed as possible. Writing about education, be sure to indicate the name of the educational institution and the faculty and specialty. Even if these are just regular courses, having a diploma in economics will be a good plus for you.

Define a list of professional skills inherent in you. Concentrate and take your time, so you don't forget anything. The more detailed information you provide about yourself, the sooner the employer will be interested in you.

And now we suggest that you analyze in a little more detail what a correct and winning bank teller resume should contain.

  1. Any resume starts with information about yourself. First of all, you should write the full name, surname, contact phone number, postal address, and email address. Then you need to indicate the year of birth.
  2. The next item includes providing information about marital status. Here indicate data on the presence of adults or minor children. 
  3. Next, you should indicate the purpose of submitting a resume. It usually consists of the desire to find a permanent job as a bank teller resume in the banking sector.
  4. Information about work experience is written in the next part. Experience in banking institutions will be an advantage over other applicants.
  5. Place and duration of work shall be indicated in reverse chronological order, starting from the last workplace. It is necessary to list job responsibilities. Here you need to write what kind of work was done in the previous position.
  6. The more knowledge and skills related to the implementation of banking operations an applicant for a bank teller's position, the higher the chance of a favorable decision on the resume. But if there is no experience, then special education and the corresponding personal qualities can also play a decisive role.
  7. Next, you need to add additional information about the skills and abilities that may be useful in the work. Here we can note the level of personal computer proficiency, knowledge of foreign languages, knowledge of special computer programs that can be useful to a bank employee.
  8. In the paragraph where personal qualities are listed, you need to characterize yourself. Here is a list of markers that can be useful in fulfilling your professional duties:
  • attentive
  • responsible
  • executive
  • conscientious
  • sociable
  • polite
  • disciplined
  • punctual

A well-written resume should not contain: 

  • unnecessary information not related to banking; 
  • a places of work and study; (if there are a lot of them and they are not related to the position of the bank teller) 
  • an excessive amount of positive personal qualities, they choose only the most essential thing that is necessary for a good bank teller; 
  • negative attributes, they are not worth listing; 
  • information about penalties, prosecution, reasons for terminating the contract from the previous place of work. 

The resume can be handwritten in free form. There are also standard forms that can be downloaded from the Internet, filled out, and sent to the employer.

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