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Top 5 Must-Sees in Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has quickly become a destination that many travelers want to visit.Myanmar is a vibrant tapestry of culture, history and geography. A delightful blend of diverse ethnic groups, graceful Buddhist monasteries, ancient pagodas welcome travelers to this exotic country. Bordering Thailand, Laos, India and China, Myanmar is at the cultural crossroads of Southeast Asia.

We asked Tour Leader Turin the top 5 must-sees in the beautiful country, and he gave us this great list.

Check them out!

1. Colonial city of Yangon

Yangon City

2. Temples in Bagan (Archaeological site from the 11th Century)

Bagan Temples

3. Floating gardens and fishermen of Inle lake

Fisherman of Inle Lake

4. Hill tribes of Golden Triangle

Myanmar Tribeswoman

5. City of Mandalay (The last capital of Burmese Kingdom)

Mandalay Myanmar

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- September 06, 2016

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