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Colombia is quickly becoming a hot-spot destination in the eyes of the world. It has lush rainforests, colonial towns, and a true warmth that welcomes all adventure travelers. Lonely Planet describes Colombia as where “colonial meets contemporary”, which so accurately reflects this charming and colorful place. Since so many people are heading to Colombia, we wanted to mention some of the must-sees in this up-and-coming destination.

ElderTrek’s top things to do in Colombia:


  • Amazon River
    • Leticia is Colombia's gateway to the Amazon River. Journey on this incredible river by boat to village Puerto Narino, and on your way you will be greeted by wildlife – including monkeys! The Amazon rainforest is lush and full of incredible nature everywhere you look.


  • Coffee Plantations
    • When in Colombia, you MUST visit a coffee plantation – it is quite literally, "full of beans"! Learn more about the labor-intensive process of collecting and creating your morning cup of joe. UNESCO declared the "Coffee Cultural Landscape" of Colombia a World Heritage site in 2011.


  • Cartagena - Colombia's Colonial Gem
    • Cartagena is arguably the most beautiful colonial city in the Americas. It has an old-world charm with its cobbled streets and gorgeous balconies dripping with flowers, and colorful buildings. Explore the old town, cathedral and enjoy the laid-back vibe. Try ceviche or enjoy a cocktail at one of the many bars and restaurants.





  • San Agustin – Mysterious Ancient Statues
    • San Agustin is a town full of ancient stone statues, ranging in age from 1000-5000 years old! No one is quite sure why or by whom they were made, so it is an incredibly interesting place to explore. The statues vary from small to giant (21'), from human figures to animals to part human and animal and even pregnant women.





Now is the time to say "hola" to Colombia. Consider ElderTreks' comprehensive Colombia tour here.

- June 24, 2016

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